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27 December 2016 @ 08:57 pm
I wish  

I wish, the minutes which were not
Towards eternity intended
Could be returned, refused, amended
From endless lives we thought we'd got.

I wish from here I could flee
Towards the homes of dear friends
Who mix, in thirty square meters,
Like alchemists, the pure blends
Of greater worlds with bitter tea.

I wish I could release, untie
The tired strings of broken oaths
And promises, along with those
Which are unuttered but implied
Between the lines of love confessions,
Just like my voice behind expressions,
Behind the words I fail to tame;
The face of truth remains the same,
No matter how we pose the question,
No matter how the legislation
Permits to cover imperfections
Of under-love and semi-passions.

O, save my mind, the pure velvet
Beneath my feet - the winter's art,
And cleanse the fortress of my heart
From captives, bound to overwhelm it
And take it quietly apart..
I wish, like you, to melt and rise
To be reborn, naive and gentle,
To twirl in waltzes sentimental
Descending slowly from the skies,
And pass before the dear eyes,
In worlds eternal and momental