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16 October 2016 @ 04:23 pm
Lamentation of sayyeda Zainab(sa) over the dead body of Abbas(sa)  

Rise, O Abbas! In the name of your Lord!

For the sake of your brother and his parched lips!

My eyes, O Abbas, are blind to this world,

Once the Moon of Bani Hashem has been eclipsed!

Stand, O Abbas! Pick up your sword!

For Hussain is all alone with the merciless!

He is a prey for the vicious horde!..

Would you bear if they step on your brothers chest?

Ya Abal Fadhl! Where are your hands

Which would hold the sky from falling upon the earth!

Enemy's eyes are upon the tents -

We are trophies, we are toys for Yazeed, the cursed!

Rise, O the Moon! Where is your glow?

Can it be that Abal Fadhl does not respond?

Children are waiting.. They didn't know

We had sent you to Al-Kawthar, the Sacred Pond