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28 July 2016 @ 11:51 pm

In our movie, black-and-white,

The fairy's role is sad and tragic:

Arrested, once upon a night

And charged on fifty counts of magic,

She froze in utter disbelief

As someone searched through her possessions:

Three bags of love, a jar of grief,

Some verses full of deviations,

Illegal thoughts, forbidden dreams,

A bunch of undeclared friends...

"A vicious criminal, it seems

Is what we have in our hands!"


- "Indeed, her history is known;

Respected people have related

That they have witnessed on their own

The range of crimes she perpetrated:

She followed not the Party's line,

Refused to march and carry banners

With slogans clearly defined

And demonstrated lack of manners."


How strange and cold... the breath of dawn

And  scents of herbs have disappeared.

Your life - the fairy - is gone

Along with everything you feared.